Nomad ChargeKey and ChargeCard Review

Chargekey-chargecard It’s funny that in this day of smartphones, we’re back to the days of early cellphones where you would constantly be running out of battery.  Carrying around a charge cable isn’t necessarily a difficult task but if you’re like me, you’re likely to forget it on the kitchen table.  Nomad’s ChargeKey and ChargeCard aims to solve that very first-world problem by building a compact, always-with-you, charging cable.  But what looks good in PR images and product descriptions might not necessarily translate well to real-world functionality.  Luckily, the ChargeKey and ChargeCard live up to their promises and turns out to be very useful and well thought-out product. Continue reading

Blow Me – Episode 001: Kickstarter

Official first episode of Blow Me is now live! We’re using Google Hangouts to better display our ugly mugs so feel free to watch out live recording or listen at your leisure.  This week, Amos and Jeff bitch about the Man of Steel – major spoilers be warned.  We also list all the wonderful ideas we can Kickstart now that it’s available in the Great White North.  Plus listen to us wonder at the marvel of stupid parents and their new babies.  Tune in and leave a comment!

Blow Me Episode 000: Pilot

Look at that! We survived the great flood of 2013 here in Calgary and we’re back with a brand new show!  Weekly, Jeff and Amos will bring to you our gripes and pains that only first-world people can feel.  Won’t you join us?  Stayed tuned for Google Hangout schedule so you can see our ugly mugs!