GENx Nexus 4 Bumper Case Review

While the infamous Antennagate made bumper cases famous, the Nexus 4 was the Android device that introduced bumper cases to the green team.  While the official Google bumper is very good, it is relatively expensive and hard to find in stock.  So today we’ll take a look at the GENx bumper case and see if this minimalistic case is worth using.

The GENx hybrid bumper case for the Nexus 4 looks very much like the official Google version – and that’s not a bad thing.  The GENx iteration is also a hybrid in that it mixes polycarbonate (hard plastic) and TPU (softer gel-like plastic) in the construction of the case.  The end result is a flexible yet protective case that holds its shape well.

Slipping on the case is super simple.  The Nexus 4 simply clicks into place with the bumper securely around the phone and all ports are easily accessible.  One big difference is that GENx decided to highlight their button-extensions on the case in the same chrome finish as the phone.  Where in the Google version of this case, those buttons are in black.  This lends a great look to the case and makes it look more like a part of the phone rather than a rubber band around it.

As with all bumper cases, the face and back of the phone is exposed.  The Nexus 4 being designed in a similar fashion as the iPhone 4/4S/5 where it’s a glass-sandwich, this leaves little protections against scratches or faceplants.  But the GNEx bumper does raise the faces off a rested surface by a few millimeters so that you can leave your phone lying flat on a table.

In use however, I found that while the GNEx bumper was slim (4mm in thickness) it was just enough that it made my hand forget how to hold my phone.  I used it as my primary case for well over 2 weeks and I was still prone to dropping it while trying to handle it.  The extra width did give me better grip while typing but in the general holding of the phone, it was just slightly too wide for my liking.

Comparing the official case to the GENx version, I would conclude that not only is the GENx better looking with the Chrome buttons, but it’s also cheaper than the official Google version.  Besides a minimalist slim-case, a bumper case is as close to bare-back as you can be with a phone.  If that’s what you’re looking for, then the GENx bumper gets our seal of approval.


Blow Me – Episode 001: Kickstarter

Official first episode of Blow Me is now live! We’re using Google Hangouts to better display our ugly mugs so feel free to watch out live recording or listen at your leisure.  This week, Amos and Jeff bitch about the Man of Steel – major spoilers be warned.  We also list all the wonderful ideas we can Kickstart now that it’s available in the Great White North.  Plus listen to us wonder at the marvel of stupid parents and their new babies.  Tune in and leave a comment!

Blow Me Episode 000: Pilot

Look at that! We survived the great flood of 2013 here in Calgary and we’re back with a brand new show!  Weekly, Jeff and Amos will bring to you our gripes and pains that only first-world people can feel.  Won’t you join us?  Stayed tuned for Google Hangout schedule so you can see our ugly mugs!

GWR Episode 028: Farewell

This is it. Everything has come to this. As a fond farewell, GamerWok Radio signs off with the end of E3 2013.  Jeff and Amos discuss some of the fallout from Microsoft and Sony’s press conferences and share their thoughts on the new consoles coming out in November.  It’s been a great run and we want to thank all our listeners for their support.  Stay tuned, however, as we’re not done with podcasting – a new show is brewing!


GWR 027: Into Darkness

We’re back after to discuss the new Xbox One and how it stacks up to the PS4. Jeff and Amos also saw Star Trek Into Darkness separately and came out with different opinions.  Plus, what does Will Smith sound like with a New Zealand  accent?  Tune in and find out!

GWR Episode 026: Mission to Mars

This week’s episode is a very scientific one. We discuss the finer points of coffee-douchebaggery and why we wouldn’t buy a ticket to Mars – even if the powers-that-be allowed us to go.  We also have a laugh at the hilarity that is Nintendo’s copy protection.  Plus, ever wonder what Ryan Gosling’s been doing with Hideo Kojima?  Yeah, we were wondering the same thing.  Tune in and have a laugh with us!

Iron Man 3 Review [Movies]

The third installment in the mega-blockbuster Iron Man franchise is a loud, action-packed thrill ride that at times feels a bit too Michael Bay-esque, but still manages to deliver a film that is both exciting and quite enjoyable.

Director Shane Black has assumed the duties from Jon Favreau and has managed to establish a new layer to the already fantastic Tony Stark character, helping to highlight the vulnerability suffered by a man tasked with protecting the world from aliens and terrorists.

Stark is plagued with insomnia and anxiety attacks after the events in the massive hit movie The Avengers, and now the audience is introduced to a man who is no longer only served by his dry wit and deep pockets.

Robert Downey Jr. once again proves that no one else could play this role, and though there are moments during the 90 minute blitzkrieg that it feels as if he is going through the motions, there are also times where his wit and sharp delivery are better than ever.

Tony Stark and Pepper Potts have established quite a nice life together when an Osama Bin Laden-style terrorist named the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) starts hijacking the world’s television feeds to deliver cryptic anti-American sentiments in conjunction with a series of massive bombings within American cities. Kingsley is magnificent as the Mandarin and adds a certain brand of eeriness and mirth to the role.

Partnered with Aldrich Killian (Guy Pierce) who has managed to “hack” into human DNA with a project called Extremis that turns formally injured humans into sort of exploding super-villains, the Mandarin provides a new type of enemy for the bravado laden Stark.

It is only when Stark is attacked at his Malibu uber-mansion and that he is forced to rethink his attack as well as his plan as he attempts to put an end to the tyranny.

In light of the recent events that transpired in the Boston Marathon Bombings, the subject matter of bombs and the visual imagery of maimed victims and destruction perhaps rings too close to home and may cause some to look negatively upon the film.

Though unintentional and beyond the control of both the film makers and the production studios, Iron Man 3 is at times quite gritty and seems a bit too real.

Movies are meant to be a form of escape for audiences as they go to films to suspend reality and immerse themselves into a story, but the subject of terrorisms and the current climate of the real world is once of high sensitivity to this type of subject matter.

It is a hard topic to cross, and though Iron Man 3 is fictional it also happens to bring more exposure to things that are far too real and the levity of the situation can never really suspended or ignored.

Iron Man 3 is a good movie, with great actors, amazing digital effects and humor that audiences have come to love from Downey Jr. and his Tony Stark alter ego, it’s just unfortunate that we live in a world where these supposedly fictional situations are at times oh so real.